About Us

The Oklahoma Correctional Employee Memorial Foundation (OCEMF) was established in 2006 to honor and preserve the memories of correctional employees in Oklahoma who have given their lives serving the citizens of this great state.

The OCEMF, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is charged with maintaining and constructing a suitable monument to record the names of fallen heroes for posterity; and to create in the names of those who have died, a living memorial in the form of scholarships and awards so that these heroes are never forgotten.

The memorial, dedicated on July 19, 2013, is located on the grounds of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections at 3400 N Martin Luther King Avenue in Oklahoma City.

Our Purpose

  • To recognize and memorialize those correctional employees who, in service justice and the State of Oklahoma, have been killed or suffered permanent disability while performing their duties;
  • To establish, construct and maintain a permanent and suitable monument to record the names of the fallen for posterity;
  • To provide for the children and/or families of those who were killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty through establishment of scholarships, grants, and gifts or financial assistance;
  • To create, in the name of those who have been killed or permanently disabled, a living memorial in the form of scholarships, grants in aid and awards for the eligible children of the members of OCEMF and for other worthy purposes as approved by the membership;
  • To recognize those corrections professionals whose contributions to serving justice, serving Oklahoma and serving employees merit the acknowledgement and praise of their colleagues and for other desirable purposes; and
  • To serve the children of the membership by the distribution of its funds for educational purposes and for other charitable purposes.