Gay Carter

Gay Carter

  • Gay Carter
  • Correctional Food Supervisor

Gay Carter, Correctional Food Supervisor
R. B. “Dick” Conner Correctional Center
Hominy, OK
End of Watch: November 13, 1998

On November 13, 1998, an inmate savagely and repeatedly stabbed Correctional Food Supervisor Gay Carter using a prison-made “shank” similar to a sharpened screwdriver. On a previous stay at the prison, this inmate had worked in the kitchen but lost this job because he was fighting with another inmate.

The morning of and the morning before this murder, the inmate and Ms. Carter argued over the breakfast tray served. The previous morning, the inmate threatened to “get” Ms. Carter. After the last argument, other inmates saw this inmate loitering in a storage area where cleaning supplies were kept, adjacent to the main dining area.

Ms. Carter left the dining area to go to another building where the kitchen was located. When she returned, the inmate grabbed her and pulled her into a mop closet. Inside the closet, the inmate stabbed Carter numerous times in the chest.

Witnesses summoned help and the first correctional officer to arrive saw the inmate still struggling with Carter, and then run off. Medical personnel arrived to aid Ms. Carter. She was transported to the hospital, but efforts to revive her were unsuccessful.