Joe Allen Gamble

Joe Allen Gamble, Jr.

  • Joe Allen Gamble, Jr.
  • Correctional Officer

Joe Allen Gamble, Jr., Correctional Officer
Oklahoma State Reformatory
Granite, OK
End of Watch: June 6, 2000

On June 5, 2000, Sergeant Joe Allen Gamble was assigned to D Unit at the Oklahoma State Reformatory. At 8:15 a.m., Sergeant Gamble heard the call for help from Officer William Callaway.

Sergeant Gamble immediately left the area he was counting and went through the unit control room to D-1 pod. When he arrived at D-1 pod, he did not know Officer Callaway had escaped the day room. Thinking only of his friend’s call for help and without regard for his own personal safety, Sergeant Joe Allen Gamble entered the day room to help his fellow correctional officer. An inmate armed with two homemade knives called “shanks” ambushed Sergeant Gamble as he entered the day room, stabbing him in the throat.

Sergeant Gamble was able to escape and ran immediately to medical for treatment. He was rushed to Jackson County Memorial Hospital in Altus where he later died from his injuries early the next morning.

Sergeant Gamble had been with the department for three years.