Rance Lee McKee

Rance Lee McKee

  • Rance Lee McKee
  • Construction/Maintenance Administrator

Rance Lee McKee, Construction/Maintenance Administrator
James Crabtree Correctional Center
Helena, Oklahoma
End of Watch: December 27, 2016

On December 27, 2016, at approximately 21:45 hours, an officer noticed a smoky haze in the JCCC Unit 4 office area and he could smell a faint ozone aroma, like an overheating electrical appliance. He searched the office area and noticed the smell was stronger in the attic area and inside a case manager’s office. He put the unit on a 30-minute fire watch and requested Central Control to notify the chief of security. He also contacted the maintenance staff on duty, Construction/Maintenance Administrator Rance McKee, to notify him of the issue. Mr. McKee stated he would immediately respond to the facility.

As Mr. McKee was responding to the facility to assist with the problem, he was struck by a vehicle when it failed to yield to a stop sign at an intersection. Mr. McKee was killed in the accident. The chief of security and the warden were called to the scene of the accident by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol who investigated the accident. The OHP investigation determined the other driver was at fault for collision.

Rance had served with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for 27 years. He is survived by his wife and one son.