W.H. Aston

W.H. Aston

  • W.H. Aston
  • Correctional Officer

W. H. Aston, Correctional Officer
Oklahoma State Penitentiary
McAlester, OK
End of Watch: August 4, 1948

On July 30, 1948, Correctional Officer W. H. Aston was on duty on the fourth floor of the west cellblock which was the solitary confinement area. Officer Aston saw a mirror, prohibited in solitary confinement, extended from an inmate’s cell and went to check on it.

When he opened the cell door, an inmate sprang upon him and began beating Aston’s head on the floor, wall, and against the cell bars. When other officers came to his rescue, Aston was still conscious, and his injuries did not appear to be serious. He was taken to a local hospital but did not want to be admitted. He was examined and sent home, but the next day his condition worsened.

Taken to a hospital in Holdenville, he was diagnosed as suffering from a fractured skull and intra-cranial bleeding.

Officer Aston succumbed to his head injuries on August 4, 1948.